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Drag Reducers Chemicals

FLO® Drag Reducers have been in use worldwide and Egypt in pipeline systems for flow increase, energy saving, and safety purpose

Commercial use of  FLO® Drag Reducers have proven that FLO® can increase Pipeline capacity by as much a 50%

The benefits of FLO® Drag Reducers are immediate:

·         Increased pipeline throughput

·         Expanded Production

·         Decreased Operating Pressures

·         Reduced Transportation Costs

·         Used to satisfy a number of operational needs:

q  Quick response solution to unexpected emergencies

q  Avoiding excess demurrage charge.

q  Obviating the need for extra pump stations and loops.

q   Maintaining throughput at a lower line pressure.

FLO® rag Reducer has no adverse effects on the physical properties, combustion or handling characteristics of the crude oils treated.

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