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CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Marine Transportation

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Marine Transportation
NK has developed a new technology for bulk transportation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) which can open new approaches for developing remote or small or uneconomical natural gas fields
CNG transport opens up entirely new supplies (with reservoirs below 2Tcf) and marginal markets (20-200 MMcf/d) to an affordable natural gas solution.
l  Significantly lower cost on short routes (<3,500 o:p="">
<3,500 o:p="">
  • Can load & unload offshore – no harbours
  • Can safely transport associated gas
  • Economic threshold volume is lower
  • Can grow incrementally with demand
  • 85% of total project investment is in ships
–     Favorable financing & taxes
–     Lowers risk (political, reserve, damage)
–     Assets recoverable & re-deployable
-     Less sophisticated technology

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